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Progress Notes

Designed with Real Therapists

Let's make progress notes the easiest part of your day.

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How long did you spend writing notes today?


numa notes
can cut that time by up to80%.

That's nearly 12,000 minutes a year saved.

If you were in-session during that time, that's an extra$30,000 a year.

250 days a year @ $150 for 60 minutes

Numa Notes helps by raising your Effective Rate:

We've saved therapists a collective

minutes in out-of-session work, and counting
since April 1st, 2024

Designed to work how you do.

Seamless Integration

Keep your current EHR and telehealth platforms

Get your first note done in less than 3 minutes.

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Upload Session Info

Record or dictate your session using our in-browser recorder on desktop or mobile. Recordings upload instantly so you can get to your next session. You can also upload text notes.
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Review Progress Note

View all your past notes on our dashboard, including Intelligent Insights into your session.
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Copy To EHR

Easily copy and paste into your EHR of choice with a single click.

We work with all the services you usually use

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and others

Our therapists successfully accept all of the following insurance

aetna logounited logocigna logooscar logoblue cross logo

and others

Powered by the Numa-1 Language Model

The most capable language model in the field of Psychology

Built alongside Licensed Mental Health Counselors

Designed with safety in mind

Completely private

Progress notes: SOAP, DAP, BIRP, Freeform

Open-End Question-Answering

Modality detection

Potential diagnosis

Quote extraction

Medication detection

And more planned features to come

Supercharge your practice.

Write better, more consistent progress notes

Raise your effective earnings by reducing out-of-session workload

The only AI scribe to elevate your practice with Intelligent Insights ✨

Important client quotes

Medication, Abuse, Alcohol detection

Therapy modality detection

Potential DSM-5 Diagnosis detection

Reflective Q/A about the session used by real LMHCs

Insights Preview on Mobile

Unmatched AI Safety and Privacy.

Security Lock Motif

How we keep your data safe

Multi-layer encryption for client data

Full encryption at rest and in transit

Recordings always deleted

Vetted business associates

Continuous security monitoring

Legal Balance Motif

Ethical artificial intelligence

Client data never used for model training

Transcripts automatically anonymized

Task-specialized models reviewed for safety and jailbreaks

Full transparency of our AI practices

A mute symbol motif
Recordings always deleted.
An eye with a cross through it motif indicating privacy
Transcripts anonymized.
A dissolve graphic motif
Notes and transcripts
removed after 90 days.

Transparency and Trust.

Peace of mind for you and your clients

We believe that trust is built upon transparency. That is why we've released a full transparency report about our AI practices and how we ensure the privacy of you and your clients —The first of our kind to do so.

Transparency Report
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And we're just getting started.

New features and products coming soon to take your practice even further. Don't miss out!

Shape the future of Numa Notes by letting us know what great features you would like to see
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Only pay for notes you use

In browser recording, scratch note support

Full Progress Note: SOAP, DAP, BIRP, Freeform

Full Transcript

Intelligent Insights ✨ : Modality, Potential Diagnosis, Client Quotes, Reflective Q/A, and more!

Group Practices

Bespoke Integration and Support

Free pilot with full guarantee

Unlimted access to all features

Per-seat, monthly pricing

Priority support from founding team

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Join us in reshaping therapy.

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