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numa notes

Client Consent Form

Your therapist uses
numa notes
to help provide you with better, faster care.

This form constitutes an agreement between you and your therapist.

Who We Are —

Numa Notes is a platform that helps therapists write better clinical progress notes in less time. Our mission is to empower therapists to run better, more effective practices for their clients.

Numa Notes works by safely processing session recordings to automate writing these notes.

Consent to Recordings —

By agreeing to this form, you grant permission to your therapist to record therapy sessions between them and yourself for the sole purpose of note-taking and review within the therapeutic process.

Confidentiality and Security —

Numa Notes treats your recordings with the utmost confidentiality. We grant access to your recordings and session information to your therapist only.

Your information is safeguarded as required by HIPAA regulations.

Numa Notes is a fully HIPAA-compliant platform in partnership with Vanta.

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Duration, Nature of Retention —

When Numa Notes retains a recording of you, we follow these security and retention practices:

Recordings are deleted immediately after transcription

Transcripts are redacted for personally identifiable information

Transcripts are encrypted using multiple encryption layers

Transcripts and notes are automatically removed from our platform after 90 days

Withdrawal of Consent —

You retain the right to withdraw consent to this agreement at any time without affecting the overall therapeutic relationship. You may communicate your decision to your therapist verbally or in writing.

Alternative Note Taking —

You retain the right to decline recording and request that traditional note taking sessions be used instead. Your therapist will respect and accommodate such requests.

By agreeing to this form, you attest to have read and understand all of the sections above.

This form constitutes an agreement between you and your therapist. This form is provided as a convenience to your therapist and does not constitute an agreement between you and Numa Notes.

We are the first AI platform for therapists to offer a full transparency report to therapists and their clients.

Click the link below to learn more about data practices and ethics.

Transparency Report
Last Updated: Jan 11, 2024