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Who We Are

Numa Notes started as tool for our friends and family. Every day, we saw how much care, dedication, and effort they put into their clients, but how little grace they afforded themselves. When talking with Anne after a long night of writing progress notes, we thought of a different world for therapy: One where therapists can focus their energy and passion on their clients completely, and without barriers. And that's what we set out to do—We founded Numa Notes for therapists, counselors, psychologists, social workers, and anyone who takes care of the mental health of others, so they too can take care of their own.

In our pursuit of becoming the most influential AI company for mental health,

Our mission is incredibly simple: To make a positive impact on your practice, so you can make a positive impact on others.

All we do is in support of this goal.

Our Team

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Anne is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and leads our marketing efforts. She runs her own telehealth practice, and specializes in trauma therapy, especially for young adults. She lives her passion, and helps other aspiring therapists to launch their own practices.


Christina works on full-stack engineering endeavors and leads our customer relations. She has a passion for the intersection of psychology and technology and believes its synthesis to be a profound force for good in the lives of others. Naturally curious, she's drawn to puzzles, challenges, and how to solve them.
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Cole, Anne's son, works on all things machine learning. As someone who sought therapy himself, he saw firsthand how overworked therapists are, and how difficult it was to find an opening. His wish is for Numa Notes to help not only those who provide therapy, but also those who seek it.

Cayley, Cole's wife, helps out with our content creator relations.

Our Amazing Friends and Family

Numa Notes wouldn't be possible without all the incredible people in our lives who support us, test our software, and believe in our mission. They stuck through long nights, put up with bugs, and watched us grow from the very beginning. These people (and pets!) are the foundation upon which we stand.


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